The Roaring 420s, Its A Gas Records, Dresden







"a wholesome and hedonistic twist merging the normally culturally constipated psych purists into fun loving party machines"

Far Out Magazine, UK


"Enjoyable slice of garage/surf from Dresden"
The Active Listener, NZ

Hailing from Germany The Roaring 420s are playing a wild melange of psychedelia and surf music with nods to Krautrock, Folk and Eastern music. They are a notorious live band and have extensively toured through Europe, the US and Israel, sharing the stage with bands like the Blank Tapes, Night Beats or White Fence.


Their debut LP „What is Psych?“ has been released on Stoned Karma Records in 2014 and has delighted critics and fans alike. The Roaring 420s went on to found their own label It's a Gas! Records and released their second album „You Can't Get Out Alive“ in 2015 which was produced by Jorge Muñoz-Cobo Gonzalez (Holly Golightly, Boogarins, Golden Animals etc.) Additionally, they have put out singles, split EPs and contributed to compilations on Levitation Records, Melotron Recordings and Celluloid Gurus (among others). Their music was also featured in commercial campaigns such as for GUCCI (feat. Lee Jung-jae), Specialized and New Yorker.

"These Germans love reverb and sitars, pulling off an album that could be mistaken for a long lost underground record. Time travel will never happen, but these songs come pretty damn close"

Here Comes The Flood, NL


"They offer a particulary fun loving and upbeat style of rock n' roll that's not without its peculiarities and love for off kilter sounds"

Kool Kat Musik, US



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