"With years of live and studio experience (including various international headline tours, as support for Supergass during their Europe tour and hundreds of shows in the Netherlands) everything has come together in an album that captures the essence of The Tambles. 'In The Hive' is rock 'n' roll at its best, expressed in punchy songs that are so catchy that your Chelsea boots will start to move during the countdown.

That's not just the result of the writing process, but also of how the record was recorded: live, except for an occasional tambourine. Entirely by the four band members in a farmhouse in the Czech Republic without outside disturbances.

'In The Hive' is spicier and sharper than ever, without distancing themselves too far from The Tambles' iconic sources of inspiration like The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and Creedence Clearwater Revival for the avid listener. On 'All The Good Things' and 'Midnight Creepers', we can hear that especially well. These songs would not suit ill on the best Stones records. But the band also shows their versatility: from punk with a nod in 'Prefab People' to 'These Bursting Clouds', a hypnotizing love ballad. And did we mention you can dance to it as well?
Impressive if you can keep still during the organ filled 'Why Am I So Blind'.

The Tambles wouldn't be The Tambles without having a surprise in store. A record full of gritty rock 'n' roll? They finish it off with 'Bumblebee', a dessert that's as sweet as honey where singer Ruben Drenth shows what else he has in store. The album tells the coming of age story of the band members who started playing blues covers in an old garage during break time, and who have found their own sound and place while playing together for more than a decade. Time to storm the (inter)national pop cathedrals again, because The Tambles have always been famous for their phenomenal live shows."